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Two-Up In Morocco

We’re Neil and G and we love to travel but we don’t do it full time. We both hold down 9-5’s and choose to spend our money and our holidays exploring the world.

Unlike most couples, we don’t always travel with two backpacks. Instead we travel two-up on our motorbike.

How did we get here?

Flashback to 2009. The New Zealand job market started go a little pear-shaped and we found ourselves living on one income and wondering how we were going to find the funds to start our white picket fence life. We were stuck in a rut, so we started wondering what if. What if we took a couple of years off and set up shop in London (like thousands of kiwis before us)? What if we sold everything and used the money to fund a trip around South America (we’d never been further than Brisbane, how hard could it be?!). What if we moved to South Korea to teach English for a year? So we did.

When our South Korean contracts ended in 2011 we thought we’d move back home, but then we moved to London. When our UK visas expired in 2013 we thought we’d call it quits and move back home but we didn’t. 5 years and over 30 countries later, we’re still not really sure when our worldly wandering will be over.

Why Two-Up Travels?

Looking back on our travels we realised that our best adventures were those that involved some kind of road-trip or motorised transport – scootering around Malaysia, touring around Jeju Island and more recently traveling overland from London to Morocco and from London to Portugal. Our travels have become as much about the journey as they are the destination.


This blog is a collection of stories from our adventures over the past few years. Some are two wheel related, some are not.

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