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Posts from our visits back home and the surrounding area, including Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

Day Trip to Moreton Island

Friday past, Neil and I traveled to Moreton Island, a 37km long, 10km wide, wedge-shaped, sand island 40km off the coast of …

Rotorua, NZ: Flyers & Fart Jokes

What do fart jokes and Vegas have in common? Quite a lot if you’re talking about RotoVegas. Rotorua’s main street pulses with …

Showtime! The Kumeu A&P Show

What do alpacas, axemen, amusement rides and Aucklanders’ have in common? You would have found them all at the Kumeu Show this past weekend.

Back In the Land of NZ

Whilst we were overseas many people remarked to us about New Zealand’s beauty and how lucky we were to be able to call …