Postcards From: Piran, Slovenia

Piran – the jewel of the Slovenian Istria, is one of the country’s oldest towns, with narrow, cobbled streets and medieval architecture. It feels a lot like Dubrovnik but on a much smaller and more intimate scale. It also feels like Venice, which isn’t too surprising considering the Venetians ruled the town for several centuries, until the Austrians took over in 1918.

When we visited in early July, it was a sweltering 31 degrees so we ambled along the alleyways in the shade of the buildings and underneath people’s washing. It was way too hot to climb to the top of the city walls, so we had a beer and a bite to eat (calamari and chips for 6 GBP) under a grapevine. It was lovely.

Piran is an easy day trip from nearby Potoroz (where we were staying) and roughly an hour and a half from the capital – Ljubljana.

Piran, Slovenia

Piran: View from Portoroz

Piran: Marina

Piran: Fluffy Cat

Piran: Tartini Square

Piran: B&W Cat

Piran: Pints

Piran: Under a grapevine

Piran: Lunch Menu

Piran: Scooter

Piran: Colourful buildings

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